Smart Micro Grid Solar System

The company offers a range of standard and customised solutions for 'Roof Top Solar' solutions, which uses their unique 'Hybrid Appliances'. The key features of these appliances are:

•  The super efficiency of the appliances
•  Soft starting of all the motorised loads
•  Their ability to run directly on DC from solar panels or on AC from the utility mains.

Due to the combined effect of the above features, the Solar Panel rating is reduced drastically, often by about 65 ~ 70%. No inverter is required and the battery is recommended only for back up of critical loads.

Presently the hybrid appliances offered include the following:

•  Split type room air conditioners - 1 & 1.5 TR models
•  Two door frost free Refrigerator - 330 litre capacity
•  Ceiling Fan - 1200 mm sweep
•  LED tube lights and bulbs.

The package offered consists of PV panels, appliances as required by the customer and a Grid Controller. The controller continuously monitor the power available in the solar panels as well as the load demand and ensure that maximum load is run from solar panels. In case the power available is adequate to drive the loads, all the appliances are run from PV panels. If sunshine is not available at all, the appliances are run from utility mains. When partial sunlight is there, the controller runs as much loads as possible from the panels and the rest is run from utility mains. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is ensured for running of the appliances.

When the load demand is less than generation the excess power can be fed back to the Grid.

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