Key Issues in Energy Usage

Energy Efficiency

  • Electricity consumption accounts for 40% of Green House gases
  • As India develops, the per capita electricity consumption would go up drastically
  • Motors accounts for 60 ~ 65% of the total electricity consumption
  • Unless the energy efficiency/renewable energy programs address electric motors, not much headway could be made in reducing the energy intensity of the economy
  • In countries like India with huge infrastructure constraints, it makes more sense to focus on using the resources more efficiently
  • Deploying renewable energy solutions coupled with efficient utilisation would present a paradigm shift Energy Scenario

Energy Scenario - India

  • Energy demand is growing rapidly in India
  • Inrease in the next 3 years will be - Bihar - 78% | UP - 59% | TN, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka - 30%
  • Addition of 88 GW is needed by in the next three years
  • Very challenging infrastructure issue
  • Substantial mitigation possible through Renewable sources coupled with the new technology

Existing Solution

Issues in the Present Solution

  • Existing inefficient appliances are used
  • Battery & Inverter required for operation & for powering the loads
  • Motor loads with in-rush starting current are difficult to handle and requires bigger PV panel, Battery & inverter
  • Mostly Refrigerator & Air Conditioner not included
  • Overall efficiency is lowered due to charger & inverter deficiencies
  • Overall cost and roof top area is high
  • Battery maintenance & replacement cost poses serious problems

New Solution

Combines for the first time in the world - Distributed Generation | Smart Micro Grid | Super Efficient DC Appliances | IOT ready