iZip - E Cycle


  • First time in India – Totally Indigenous Electric Cycle
  • High Efficiency Brushless HUB Motor fitted in the back wheel
  • Pedal, Chain & Sprocket and Freewheel mechanism not disturbed at all
  • Hub motor can be fitted and wheel balanced by any mechanic
  • Contactless Throttle in the handle bar for stepless variation of speed
  • Microprocessor based controls with built in protection features
  • Lithium type battery giving more than 6 times life as compared to Lead Acid battery –
    Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal green vehicle for School/College Students, Large Campuses, Factory Workers, Village people commuting to nearby towns, Courier/delivery persons, etc., giving independent mobility to them


  • Cruising speed limited by controls to 20 Kmph for safety reasons
  • 30 Km range of operation per charge
  • Quick charging of the battery – 90 minutes for full charging
  • Light weight portable battery – Can be detached from the vehicle and taken up home/office for charging
  • Electric Dynamic Braking ensures total safety and quick braking
  • Optimally designed & Completely sealed motor & throttle
  • No Driving License or Vehicle Registration required
  • Consumes less than 80 units of electricity/year for running of 25 Km per day for the whole year
  • Throttle controlled and manual pedal assist